Knock knock, is your home ready for Christmas?

With the countdown to Christmas well and truly under way, before long we’ll be writing our present lists, menu planning our Christmas feasts, the kids will be writing their cards to Santa and the decorations will be dusted off ready for this years Christmas tree. Before the chaos kicks off, now is a good time to consider freshening up your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas so you can open the door and enjoy the festive season with family and friends in a clean, tidy home.

A freshen up doesn’t need to be a huge painting and maintenance project, narrow down the areas needing the most attention by focusing only on the spaces where most of your holiday season entertaining takes place. Pick out a few main items in these spaces that are noticeably dirty, run down or needing repairs and go from there.

For ideas on areas around your home that may need some attention, here are some of the jobs being requested the most in the lead up to Christmas by Eastern Beaches Painting clients:

  • Pressure or chemical cleaning (where appropriate) outdoor pavers and tiles, front yard footpaths and steps, driveways, carports and exterior walls visible at the front or back of a home
  • Patching up old cracks and holes in walls and ceilings
  • Repairing decayed timber windows at the front and back of a home
  • Repainting front doors, front and backyard fences, pergolas and fascias
  • Repainting dining rooms and bathrooms
  • Repainting guest bedrooms
  • Treating and painting walls and ceilings where mould has surfaced over the colder months through the year
  • Re-varnishing timber decks and verandahs (Check out our blog post on Rejuvenating Rejuvenating timber decks before the outdoor entertaining season)

It’s also important to consider that as we head into summer, your home will be exposed to some of the harshest, hottest weather of all the seasons and any existing exterior surfaces with weather damage should be attended to so your home is protected.

If you’re worried about opening the door for Christmas, contact us to have a chat about your requirements.

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