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If you’re thinking about painting your home, there is plenty to think about. What are the most effective products for your circumstances? How will surface repairs be managed? What level of preparation is required? What colour scheme should you choose? What style do you want to achieve? Should it be light or dark? Dull or bright? Should you do it yourself or rely on the expertise of a local painter in Bronte?

The task can seem overwhelming and for residents of Bronte, we have been serving the community since 2009 for customers who would prefer to invest in the upkeep and maintenance of their valued properties in the area and engage a highly skilled local Bronte painter. Eastern Beaches Painting has provided painting and repair services to many of the homes in this beautiful suburb of the East.

Our painters Bronte are licensed, insured and accredited by Dulux providing customer peace of mind.

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Why Choose Eastern Beaches Painting?

If you’re searching for the top local house painters Bronte, look no further than Dulux accredited house painters Eastern Beaches Painting. Eastern Beaches Painting are Bronte painters that have the skills and ability to guarantee that your property appears its absolute best thanks to years experience and thorough industry training.

You want to be sure that you choose professional painters who have the trade qualifications, skills and experience necessary to paint your home. Eastern Beaches Painting has been accredited by Dulux, a process that ensures accredited painters adhere to Dulux’s stringent requirements for professionalism, dependability, and quality.

As residential house painters we stand out due to our focus on detail and dedication to client satisfaction. To deliver outcomes that go above your expectations, we take the time to understand your vision and preferences. Our team of professional painters work closely with you to guarantee that your home is perfectly painted from the first consultation to the last stroke.

Eastern Beaches Painting utilises the best supplies and methods because we are skilled painters. We understand how to properly prepare surfaces, which paints perform best for each type of surface, and how to efficiently and successfully finish the task. We also work fast and effectively, causing the least amount of inconvenience to your usual activities while still producing high quality workmanship.

Customer service is a priority for us as Dulux accredited house painters Bronte, in addition to technical proficiency, we prioritise working around your schedule to avoid any disturbance and are aware that having people work in your home might be disruptive. In order to keep you updated at every stage of the project, we maintain open lines of communication.

By engaging Eastern Beaches Painting, your professional painters Bronte, our team of qualified home painters will ensure your painting project is managed smoothly and results in a quality finish that lasts. 


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Experience | BRONTE PAINTERS ​

Professional residential and commercial painters have years of experience. What truly sets a professional painter apart is the quality of service they bring along with their skills and expertise.
Eastern Beaches Painting are Dulux accredited. Not only do we provide a 5 year warranty on residential painting services, we're also committed to providing long term protection for your home. As local painting experts, our house painting techniques take into consideration local weather conditions and the effect they have on local Bronte homes.

Preparation | BRONTE PAINTERS ​​

Painting a home is so much more than the final paint finish . As professional house painters in Bronte, Eastern Beaches Painting uses thorough preparation steps that go above and beyond the standard gap filler & sanding. All our jobs are assessed at the time of quotation to identify additional preparation required to ensure the best result. This includes surface preparation on water damaged areas, peeling paint, plaster & timber repairs, cracks & much more.  As  highly qualified painters in Bronte, our clients receive accurate & effective preparation.


Working from heights or with dangerous chemicals should always be left to the experts. As expert painters in Bronte we utilise the necessary equipment & precautions to keep you, your home & our trusted team safe at all times.


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