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Eastern Beaches Painting offers comprehensive solutions for repairing and restoring woodwork affected by rot and decay. As licensed painters and carpenters, we provide expert wood rot repair services that extend the life of your timber and avoid replacement costs, wherever possible.


Our Wood Rot Repair Products, Processes, or Preferred Suppliers

We predominantly use epoxy resin for wood rot repairs, with TimbaBuild being one of our preferred suppliers. Epoxy resin, such as Timbabuild, is ideal for wood rot repairs due to its exceptional durability, water resistance, and ability to restore structural integrity. Its strong adhesion to both dry and damp wood ensures a secure, long-lasting repair that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The resin’s versatility allows it to be shaped, sanded, drilled, and painted, making it suitable for detailed restorations that blend seamlessly with the original wood. Additionally, epoxy’s minimal shrinkage during curing and ease of use make it a preferred choice to effectively address wood rot and prevent future damage

At Eastern Beaches Painting, our process is meticulous and tailored to each project, involving the reinforcement of decayed areas, application of high-quality epoxy resin, and restoration of any decorative elements to their original condition.

Our Wood Rot Repair Projects Gallery

View our before-and-after photos of our wood rot repair projects showcasing our ability to transform deteriorated woodwork into beautifully restored timber, demonstrating our skill and dedication to quality.

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Why Eastern Beaches Painting For Your Wood Rot Repair

Choosing Eastern Beaches Painting means opting for a team that combines expertise in both painting and carpentry. Our unique qualifications allow us to assess and address wood rot with a level of precision and care that is unmatched. We focus on restoration to minimize costs and environmental impact, ensuring that your timber lasts longer and looks its best.

Whilst we typically only undertake restoration and painting, where restoration isn’t feasible or cost of restoration work will likely outweigh replacement costs, we provide transparent advice and work with a network of skilled tradespeople including carpenters that we can refer you to.

Tailored Solutions For Your Wood Rot Repair Project

Every wood rot scenario is different. At Eastern Beaches Painting, we tailor our approach based on the specific conditions and needs of your project. From small patch repairs to reinforcement of decorative wood elements or window sills, we ensure that each step is carried out with the utmost care and professionalism.

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