Eastern Beaches Painting has been providing strata painting services to the Eastern Suburbs community and Sydney-wide since 2009.

Strata managers and owner committee members are often referred to us after experiencing years of poor-quality workmanship or ineffective strata maintenance strategies, often relying on unskilled tradespeople or generalist handyman services rather than investing in highly skilled painting and repair services

Why Choose Eastern Beaches Painting As Your Local Strata Painters?

We understand the challenges inherent in managing strata properties and executing painting maintenance or larger-scale projects.

Our family-operated business boasts a small, select team, of skilled painters dedicated to delivering streamlined, efficient, hassle-free services. We prioritise minimal disruption to residents while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and quality.

Undertaking your strata painting project with Eastern Beaches Painting will provide you with:

  • Transparent quotations: the quotation and tendering process for strata painting can be time-consuming and challenging when determining the best paint system and process for your needs. Our transparent quotations offer a detailed outline of scope, products, and processes. This saves you time by eliminating the need for additional information requests or uncertainty when comparing with other quotes.

  • Fixed pricing: as strata painters offering fixed pricing we help simplify the planning and approval process whilst allowing you to budget effectively on painting projects in the pipeline.

  • Network of trades and consultants: Eastern Beaches Painting maintains connections with a professional, skilled network of trades that we can refer you to for your strata painting project including plumbers,  carpenters and colour consultants.

  • Streamlined project management: from quotation to handover, our team both onsite and in the office provide exceptional customer service and project management support. We can assist with liaising with residents, other trades and providing project schedules.

  • Personalised service: we are fortunate to have a long standing, small-medium size team of strata painters, this ensures our team uphold and deliver in line with our business values and quality on every project they undertake, and are able build a professional working relationship with our strata painting clients.

  • Home building compensation fund cover (HBCF): Eastern Beaches Painting are approved and eligible to provide HBCF where required on relevant projects.

  • Unwavering Commitment to Quality: We employ a team of qualified and experienced strata painters who are passionate about delivering exceptional results. We specify premium paints tailored to every project. 

  • Respect & Cleanliness: our team is known for its tidiness and professionalism.

Strata Painting Services

Our strata painting services cater specifically to the needs of multi-unit low level residential buildings and commercial complexes.  Our team of highly skilled strata painters at Eastern Beaches Painting is adept at working collaboratively with strata managers, building committees, and residents to ensure a smooth and successful painting project.

Eastern Beaches Painting offers a full spectrum of strata painting services, including:

We can tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your strata property, ensuring a comprehensive and specialist painting experience.

Our Projects

Strata Painting Colour Scheme Update

Eastern Beaches Painting has had the pleasure of providing strata painting colour scheme updates for a range of strata properties in the Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Inner West and surrounding Sydney suburbs. Working closely with a number of wonderful colour consultants across Sydney, we have seen the transformation a new colour scheme delivers.

We can assist from the initial colour consultation commencement or, strata managers will often undertake this process well in advance to allow for time for necessary review and approval from owners and residents.

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