Emer Clad Facade, a protective paint system for house painting in coastal areas

Coastal living has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks, particularly when it comes to the harsh environmental conditions. Home owners living in these areas, like Bronte, Clovelly, Coogee and other suburbs along the Eastern Suburbs beaches, should consider using protective paint coatings and paint membranes like Emer Clad facade when planning house painting projects to ensure that their houses are have added protection from damage by the elements.

Emer Clad facade has been made with high-quality specifications that make it the best choice for coastal living. It’s a thick, durable coating that will keep your house looking great for years. It’s designed to withstand high winds, the corrosive effects of saltwater, UV radiation, and other environmental factors. It is based on a unique solvent-free, breathable STPE system and provides exceptional flexibility even at low temperatures.

Emer Clad facade provides an additional protective barrier over your house, preventing wind and corrosive salts from causing damage. The coating creates a chemical barrier that prevents rust, corrosion, and other harmful effects, ensuring that your house’s exterior continues to look stunning for a long time. Use of Emer Clad facade can assist in improving the resistance of the structure and support structures to high humidity and salty environment, thus extending the service life of the building.

It also helps to reduce maintenance costs by minimizing staining, cracking, and other damage to the exterior of your house, which would cost significant time and money to repair. Additionally, the exceptional elastic properties of this coating mean that it will not crack or peel over time, providing a long-term solution for your house within the coastal environment.

In terms of the actual application process, Eastern Beaches Painting is here to help. We are a professional painting company with vast experience in this area and specialise in the use of protective coatings and paint membranes like Emer Clad facade. Our experienced painters are skilled at working with this unique product and using it to its maximum potential to get your house looking its best. 

If you are looking for house painters Eastern Suburbs near you to help you protect your home, contact your local painters Eastern Beaches Painting today, and discover how we can help with Emer Clad facade coating or other necessary paint coatings best aligned to the condition and location of your home. Our professional approach and technical expertise mean that you will receive the highest quality work possible to keep your coastal home protected and looking its absolute best.

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