How to choose a professional, experienced painter and avoid the mistake of selecting the cheapest quote

When considering which painter to select for house painting and decorating, understanding the differences between an experienced professional painters quote and inclusions vs. a less experienced or budget painting businesses quote can assist in making a more informed decision.
When sourcing and obtaining painting quotes a qualified, experienced painter will in most cases request to physically view the job. This is to allow the painter to see the condition of the job and make an assessment on the level of quality the painting job requires.

An experienced painter will then provide a detailed scope of works outlining all:
Inclusions – rooms/areas and surfaces e.g. walls, skirting etc.
Exclusions – anything specifically discussed for exclusion.
Processes and procedures including:
Preparation – level of sanding, fillers and plastering.
Repairs – any required repairs for the best finish e.g. cracks, holes, water damage.
Finishes – types of finish suitable for existing paint/surfaces e.g. acrylic low sheen, oil based semi gloss.
Number of coats – should include if undercoat will be used on full surfaces, spot primed or not at all. Plus, total coats for finishes.
Products to be used – which brand and product range e.g. Dulux Professional
Clean up and rubbish removal.

They will also provide an estimated time frame for the job to be completed along with painting contractor license number, insurance details, any workmanship guarantees and their terms and conditions.

​Your painting quote should be clear and specific, the quote is intended to give you peace of mind that your painter has understood the requirements for the job and will deliver a professional service and quality finishes.

Once you’ve obtained your quotes it’s always good to check if the painting business has any social media profiles or a website where you can see proof of their work, read client testimonials and check their business details.

It can be hard to compare quotes as often you aren’t comparing apples with apples. Each business will have a different quote layout and some variations to products however, generally all other elements of the quote should be similar and stated clearly. If something’s missing, clear this up directly and don’t be afraid to ask. A professional painter will be happy to clarify questions and discuss your quote in as much detail as you require to comfortably make your decision.

Cheaper painting quotes are a reflection of the level of quality, time and attention to detail your painter is going to be able to provide to your job. Without a thorough assessment of the scope of the job and a detailed quote a cheaper quote has been price focused rather than service focused.

To provide the cheapest quote, painters may not have the overheads a professional, qualified painter requires such as licenses, insurances and membership fees for industry associations such as Dulux Accredited painters. Cost cutting can also occur in a range of areas including preparation, number of coats, paint products and completion times.

An experienced painter allows enough time to complete the job without rushing, completing all the required methods and processes for a quality long lasting paint job, ensuring you’re investment lasts long term.

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