Save time and money on a kitchen renovation with a simple renopaint

Kitchens can be one of the most costly spaces of a home to complete a full renovation and significantly interrupt the daily routine of a household while in progress. A renopaint on the other hand is a budget friendly, time saving solution that will give your outdated kitchen a major uplift and improve your property value with minimal investment.

Whether you’re looking to prepare your home for sale, are between tenants and want to add value to increase rental income, or are living there yourself and not quite ready to splurge on a major renovation, repainting your kitchen can make a huge difference.

If looking to sell or lease your home or investment property, a fast turnaround time means the property will be ready to go on the market quickly without unexpected delays often experienced during renovations.

Typically most kitchen cabinet materials can be painted over from timber and laminate to epoxy finished cabinets. Often you only need to paint the cabinet doors, leaving the inside of the cabinets as they are. One of the most important steps when painting kitchen cabinets is ensuring the correct process is used and the right primer is applied for the existing material / finish.

Including your kitchen walls and ceilings is important to get the most out of your kitchen renopaint. These surfaces can become extremely dirty with dust and grease and will look far worse once your cabinets have had a fresh coat of paint.

We’ve completed many residential painting jobs of kitchens over the years, below are three kitchen painting projects from clients in Randwick, Clovelly and Malabar. Check out our before and after pics to see how painting your kitchen and kitchen cabinets can have a major impact to the look and feel of a kitchen.

For more information about painting your kitchen cabinets or any other painting projects around your home or investment property, contact us to discuss your requirements. Eastern Beaches Painting services the Eastern Suburbs and wider Sydney area.

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